What do our clients have to say?

“I use Amanda Pelser’s technical and VA services for running both of my websites. She handles the server needs for my large site. She has handled technical difficulties during off hours and with little notice. Amanda migrated my email lists to FeedBltiz and helped me organize my Gmail account. She has helped me with WordPress themes and plugin questions. Amanda also handles all the monthly maintenance and updates on FreeHomeschoolDeals.com and HolySpiritLedHomeschooling.net. I trust Amanda’s wisdom and highly recommend her services to others.”
– Jamerrill from FreeHomeschoolDeals.com and HolySpiritLedHomeschooling.net

“Having Amanda as my WordPress technical advisor has taken the stress out of moving to a self-hosted blog. Now I know I’m not alone. Amanda handles plug-in conflicts and major updates quickly and easily. She stays calm and encouraging when I’m frustrated and upset. Amanda’s expertise is invaluable to me. I know that my site would not run as smoothly and error-free without her.”
– Jennifer Janes from jenniferajanes.com

“Knowing that Amanda is behind the scenes running my updates and making sure that things are running smoothly makes me feel confident that issues will be taken care of well.  When Feedburner had its glitch, all I had to do was email Amanda for other options.  She told me about FeedBlitz and gave me a quote for switching me over.  She had it done in no time, and my blog feed didn?t miss a beat.  Amanda?s blog services give peace of mind.”
– Naomi from This Roller Coaster Called Life

“I had Amanda help me move a blog’s hosting to another hosting account. It all went super smooth, and she helped answer all my questions in a very timely manner. If you need tech help, Amanda will be a huge blessing to you.”
– Betty from Peace Creek on the Prairie

“I am so thankful to Amanda Pelser for migrating my content over from Blogger to WordPress! The extreme hair pulling I would have had for this project, Amanda completely took out of the equation for me. I was worry the entire time and I know it is all because of her calm, collected nature and confident approach. I am so very appreciative that I found her and could benefit from her skill. She really got the job done completely and timely so we could get to work on the design. Many, many thanks to her for her organized and professional approach!”
– Stephanie from Harrington Harmonies

“I am so very grateful to have Amanda as my tech consultant. She efficiently and expertly handles all my questions and my blog’s updates, plug-ins, and technical issues. She has also helped me with blog design and hosting, and I trust her implicitly. I highly recommend her services!”
– Lisa from The Army Chap’s Wife

“I would highly recommend Amanda for your tech needs. She is precise, efficient, and pays attention to details. I enjoyed working with her. She caught on to our projects quickly, was fast and communicated frequently with me. If you need a tech person, Amanda should be on your list!”
– Dianna from Grapevine Studies

“I am so glad that I hired Amanda to migrate my blog from Blogger to WordPress! She patiently addressed every single one of my issues and answered every single one of my questions! I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck during the migration, but Amanda helped me to remain calm throughout almost the entire process!”
-Mama Jenn from MamaJenn.com