Keyword Searches

Keyword searching is an essential part of SEO and building a good site. There are a lot of free tools out there, but they either don’t provide the right information or are difficult to use.

You can buy a tool and run your own searches, but if you don’t need a lot of searches regularly, that option is really expensive. You have to pay hundreds of dollars up front for the service and renew it yearly. That’s just not feasible for most bloggers and small businesses.

We can help! Let us run the searches for you! No new services or software to learn. No massive up front or yearly fees. Just the simple results of the search on your keyword(s) in a spreadsheet for a reasonable price per search.

When you order a keyword search from us, we run your terms through the search tool and deliver the raw results to you as a spreadsheet.

What Does a Keyword Search Include?

Depending on the number of words in your keyword, a search on a will bring back between 300-800 results (if that many results exist). It is not advised to search a term with more than three words.

The results will include:

  • Keyword search phrases
  • Value Demand: the number of searches for that phrases in the last 90 days
  • Real Supply: number of sites competing for that phrase
  • Profitability: a score based on the percentage of searches and the number of sites. The higher the number, the more likely it is that you could rank for that term.

The results of your search will be exported to a spreadsheet for you to sort and analyze. We do not currently offer additional services for analyzing your keywords. We provide you with the raw data at an affordable price so you can confidently DIY your site SEO on reliable data. We highly recommend the resources from BC Prime to help you complete this process.

Keyword Search Options

Vertical vs Lateral

In a vertical search, your search term will appear in each result. Your search for cat will include the word cat in every result: cat food, cat breeds, pet cat, etc.

In a lateral search, terms related to your keyword will appear in the results. Your search for cat might include family pet, animal food, etc.

A vertical search is the most used and best option for most searches. Lateral is good when you need to know all the similar terms being used for your keyword.

If you need both a vertical and a lateral search, this would be two separate searches.

Singular AND/OR Plural

The tools we use describes this option like this:

“Singular AND Plural is for keywords that have both a singular and a plural form. If you’d like keywords using both forms, use this search. If you want only keywords using either singular or plural, use the Singular OR Plural brainstorm.”

“Singular OR Plural is for words that don’t have a plural form (ex., mumps), don’t have a singular form of the same word (ex., mouse is the singular form of mice), or have different meanings for the “plural” form (ex., pant and pants).”

In most cases, you’ll use singular AND plural.

How to Order

Fill out the following form. Choose the number of searches. You’ll be directed to PayPal to complete your payment. One we receive your order, we’ll look it over for accuracy and contact you with any questions before running your keyword search. You’ll get an email back from us with the spreadsheets containing the raw results of your search.

  • How many keyword searches would you like to have run? Single searches are $7.50 each. Save by requesting multiple searches at the same time for a discount - 5 searches for $25! Searches must all be requested and run at the same time for the discount - Sorry, no credits for running searches at a later time.
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